Social media and online safety training with Time For Children, London.
Online safety

Social media and online safety training

“There are plenty of good things about social media – but there are also many potential dangers and things that you want young people to avoid. They don’t always make the smartest choices when they post something, and sometimes this can lead to problems. So, it’s important for parents and carers to teach young people how to use social media wisely.” (SRC: S.C.H)

Today was a chance for our current foster carers and prospective carers to engage in a fantastic and informative training session, covering Internet Safety and Social Networking at our Wanstead office.
Our Foster Carers were asked the types of social media apps that they knew of and they were provided with ideas on how we can protect our children and young people from any online dangers.
We identified the apps and online platforms children and young people currently use, we looked at the connected risks and explored the possibility of children and young people developing risky online behaviours.
This provided all those who attended with an understanding of the wider impact of those risks and empowered them with the knowledge to recognise abuser activities.

We strongly believe in providing our foster carers with the tools they need to achieve the best results for all looked after children.
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