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What is Fostering?


gerund or present participle: fostering

encourage the development of (something, especially something desirable)."the teacher's task is to foster learning"
synonyms:encourage, promote, further, stimulate, advance, forward, cultivate, nurture, strengthen, enrich, help, aid, abet, assist, contribute to, support, endorse, champion, speak for, proselytize, sponsor, espouse, uphold, back, boost, give backing to, facilitate 
bring up (a child that is not one's own by birth)."a person who would foster Holly was found"
synonyms:bring up, rear, raise, care for, take care of, look after, nurture, provide for; mother, parent"they have fostered a succession of children"

Fostering is caring for child, children or young person/s in your home where they can feel valued, cared for and respected as a family member, doing the things you do as a family together like going on days out, holidays and everyday family life activities.

There are many reasons that lead to children and young people needing a foster home such as illness within the family, relationship problems, family breakdown, alcohol and/or drug issues or when a child or young person is being abused. Foster carers play a vital role in providing a safe, secure and stable environment.

The length of time that children and young people are placed with families can vary from days to years depending on their individual circumstances. The decision is made by the Local Authority and forms part of the child or young person’s Care Plan.

Foster FAQ's

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I want to foster but I would not want a placement / fostered young person the same age as my own child. Would this rule me out?

No. All our placements are very carefully matched, and your assessor would discuss with you the age and type of children you would like to offer placements to, and who would fit in with your own children.

Do I need to have my own children before fostering a child / young person?

No, you do not need to have your own children, although previous experience of working with or caring for children and young people, whether in a professional or personal capacity, would be useful.

Who Can be a Foster Carer?

If you are interested in fostering we would like to hear from you no matter what your background. We have a diverse range of fostering families, from all walks of life and from all types of backgrounds. We welcome applications from single people and couples, whatever your ethnic background, religious beliefs and sexual orientation, and whether or not you already have children of your own. Click here for a list of the types of people who can apply to become a foster carers:

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