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Working Together
The Futures Group is committed to supporting local authorities to meet their sufficiency targets as required under Section 22G of the Children Act 1989 (‘the 1989 Act’). The organisation’s recruitment strategy is to recruit foster carers from different backgrounds, cultures and religions to ensure that more choice is available to local authorities when seeking placements.

The Futures Group works in partnership on a contractual basis to provide foster placements for children and young people from all regions of the UK.
Mission Statement
Time for Children provides, through a flexible, caring and imaginative foster care service, an opportunity for all our children and young people to become valued members of tomorrow’s society.

Looked after children represent the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of our community. At Time for Children it is our objective to provide support and conditions in which these most vulnerable young people can thrive and achieve a positive outcome from their time spent in foster care. There is much work to be done to redress the disadvantages these children have experienced and little time to do this before they become independent young adults.

For many children a positive outcome may be a return to their parents or extended family. Maintaining contact and working with genuine respect for the child’s family is crucial for keeping these options available. Other children may succeed best in long term alternative families including permanent foster care placements.

Time for Children can provide a wide range of foster care placements and professional support services providing specific packages of care to meet the needs of individual children and young people. These services are delivered by qualified and experienced social work staff and foster carers who are valued as full members of our professional team.
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Statement of Purpose
The Statement of Purpose has been developed in accordance with appropriate fostering regulations and national minimum standards:
  •  The Care Standards Act 2000
  •  The Fostering Services Regulations 2002 
  •  The National Minimum Standards for Fostering Services 2002
It aims to provide children, young people, parents, carers, staff and other professionals information about the objectives of our agency and the services and facilities we provide

​You can download our Statement of Purpose for our registered offices here:
If you are a Local Authority and would like to place a child or young person with us please contact our placements team:
Call: 0208 9833 811 
OR Email: Duty@timeforchildren.org 
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* All our carers are paid above the Fostering Network Payment Guidelines.
(Made to each fostering household with a placement).
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